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Mid Island PDCWelcome to the National Postal Mail Handlers Union of Local 300. This union represents Mail Handler’s employed by the United States Postal Service. The Mail Handler craft is the backbone of the service and the most significant craft to serve the American people. the cornerstone of this labor organization is to represent, educate, and improve the overall working conditions of its members. The intent of this page is to achieve that end by communicating to its branch members on a need be basis, which includes collective communication on a local, regional and a national basis.

Ground Break 1985The history of this branch starts with the opening of the Hicksville Post Office in 1967/68, and in Conjunction with the now defunct, 160/260 engineers drive facility located then in Bethpage, New York. During the early 1970’s these 2 main facilities fell within the jurisdiction of Local 180. Local 180 had the authority to serve both of these stations, however, on or about the mid 1970’S Local 180 merged with Local 300. Local 300 then and now serves, in part, the Tri-State area, and is the largest and most industrious Local in the nation.

Construction for the Mid Island plant began mid 1985 and was operational in September 1987. (see ground breaking photo) at the corner of Route 110 and Duryea Road in Melville New York. the opening of Mid Island had consolidated much associated office’s of Long Island and replaced the out-of-date Engineer’s Drive facility. Mid Island is the largest postal facility serving the American people on Long Island and is part of the New York metro area.

Early 1990’S, and still operational the Postal Service leased two facilities known as Maxess and Winding Road. the Maxess Road facility is located at Melville and Winding Road facility is located at  Old Bethpage. at present, the jurisdiction of these stations falls within the jurisdiction of the branch president who is presently domicile at the Mid Island plant. the branch president, vigorous staff and in conjunction with local headquarters [401 Broadway, New York City] supervises these stations namely, Mid Island processing and distribution center, Hicksville, Maxess and Winding Road with an associate office located in Planview.

In Conclusion, the National Postal Mail Handlers Union of Local 300 Hope that you find this site interesting, enlightening and that your suggestions will strengthen the network of this dynamic labor organization.

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