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Lussos 09-20-2017 01:17 PM

In Section bidding [Retreat]…
Soon the Service will be providing certain affected areas with an opportunity to select open bid assignments that were generated from the previous in-section bidding.

Remember, only sections that were affected by abolishment’s and excessing will participate in the upcoming in-section bidding process. The areas that will be participating are as follows;

Tour one; AFSM 100, FSS, and Linear Sorter
Tour two; Belts, AFSM 100, FSS, South Deck
Tour three; 010, FSS, FSS deck

In accordance with our understanding the following in-section retreat rights assignments will be offered to all affected employees in the following affected areas;

Tour one; 11pm FSS [six bids will be offered];
Tuesday/Wednesday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, Saturday and Sunday, Thursday and Friday and Thursday and Friday.
Tour two; AFSM and FSS [nine bids will be offered];
AFSM 7am; Thursday and Friday, and Thursday and Friday;
FSS 10am; Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Monday and Tuesday and Monday and Tuesday.

Tour three; 6pm FSS [five bids will be offered];
Friday and Saturday, Friday and Saturday, Friday and Saturday, Friday and Saturday and Monday and Tuesday

Shortly, the Service will be providing affected employees in the areas that call for in-section [retreat right] forms to be completed. The forms will ask the affected employees his or her desire and preference for certain rest day, for example Saturday and Sunday, Monday and Tuesday etc.… therefore, when days of rest are applicable to you the Service will look at the preference form to see what rest days you have preferred. For example; if you prefer Saturday and Sunday you would check the box and preference it as 1, Monday and Tuesday as 2 and so on.

Further, it is our opinion that the retreat right bid selection must start no later than Saturday 9.30.2017 and applicable employees should be notified as to their selection no later than 9.27.2017.

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 12:43 PM.

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