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Lussos 07-09-2019 07:24 AM

Grievance Update July 2019
18085-M16M-1B-C 18202864 Tour three; Pre-Arbitration Agreement that provides administrative leave to all eligible employees on tour three for Wednesday March 21, 2019. Any employee who called in sick leave or had scheduled leave for March 21st will not be eligible.

18207-M16M-1B-C 18282768; Pre-Arbitration Agreement that states; when the Service determines that a leaking package was a known substance no need to utilize postal policy concerning suspicious mail and unknown power or substance. Management will provide sufficient information that supports its position.

Remember; during winter storms it is important that the call-in should be under community disaster and that you complete the diligent effort forms.

Also, report to your supervisor and inform your steward in regards to suspicious mail and unknown power or substance discovered on the work room floor.

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