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Grievance Update November 2019

18566 ALL TOURS: in this case [again] line management treated an employee poorly which the Union believes violates the Joint Statement; issue resolved with the following language; the Service recognizes that it must take allegations of violations of the Joint Statement on Violence and Behavior, Dignity and Respect in the work place seriously and conduct appropriate and timely investigations of any credible threat or inappropriate conduct. Prevention of work-related violence, harassment, intimidation, threats or bullying by anyone will not be tolerated.

18571 Tour one; in this issue a supervisor interfered with the shop steward investigation; issue resolved the supervisor should not have interfered with the steward’s investigation.

19624 ALL TOURS: in this issue a shop steward wanted to photograph an area that was considered unsafe; to support his position he requested to take a picture of the hazard; line management denied the request; issue resolved which reads; management shall refrain denying the shop steward opportunities to take photographs. I is mutually agreed that management at the Mid Island facility will adhere to the contract under Article 17 and in accordance with Arbitrator(s) Brown and Giordano. Management without exception will follow the contract when the Union seeks to take photographs.

19598, 19621, 19604 and 19608 ALL TOURS: in this issue the shop steward was denied union time; issue resolve whereas; management will adhere to Article 17 of the National Agreement. Union time shall be granted at the time of the request unless the release places undue hardship on the Service; if the Service cannot release the steward or an employee at the time of the request or the time is delayed or curtailed, management will inform the steward/employee of such reason and the next available time to be released.

19627 Tour one; in this issue an employee failed to follow instruction by returning late from break; issue resolved the letter of warning has been modified to a discussion.

19643 Tour one; in this issue an employee failed to follow instruction on several dates; issue resolved the letter of warning has been rescinded.

19632, 19623, 19622 Tour three; in these cases the Service denied employees a revised work schedule; issue resolved all applicable employees who were denied a revised work schedule shall receive lump sum payments.

19625 Tour two; in this issue a light duty employee was denied working his Labor Day holiday; issue resolved the employee shall receive eight [8] hours of pay.

19659, 19658, 19637, 19592 Tour one; in these issue the Union was informed on supervisors and clerks performing mail handler work; issue resolved applicable witnesses shall receive lump sum payments.

Robert Lussos
MHU Local 300
160 Duryea Rd. Melville NY 11747
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